Find your photos

Enter your name or bib number: is the Official Photographer partner for capturing your exciting moments at the Ealing Half Marathon. is the leading event photography company in the world photographing over 700 mass participation events in over 35 countries.

Every competitor will find their photos within 24 to 48 hours after the completion of the event; they will be able to search for their photos by either entering their Bib Number or Family name.

Also every competitor can download for FREE a personalised event Certificate.

Each photo is optionally available either as a photo certificate for download or as a printed copy.

We also offer the picture album “Digital Super Pack” at a special price. For one fixed price, we will supply all the identified photos of each runner in these ready-to-print formats either to download onto their computer or on CD: Photo Certificate – Commemorative Photo – Original camera file – web ready images.

If you have any queries please contact