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Following the tragic death of Alice Gross from Hanwell last year, her family set up a fund in her memory, to celebrate the joy she found in music-making and to provide other young people with these opportunities.

Alice Gross’s mother Ros Hodgkiss said  ‘I am delighted that the Ealing Half-Marathon has linked up with Alice’s Youth Music Memorial Fund as one of their associated charities.  I am extremely grateful to all those who decide to run on behalf of Alice’s fund”.

Alice Gross Youth Music Memorial Fund contributes to Youth Music’s work, helping to support almost 400 music projects around the country providing life-changing music-making opportunities for children and young people in challenging circumstances. These circumstances include coping with disability, special educational needs, living in poverty, rural isolation or in care.

Every year, they provide more than 90,000 young people with the opportunity to make music, helping them to overcome the challenges they face in their lives. The music projects support young people to develop their creative and social skills, making positive contributions to their community and improving their wellbeing.

The ongoing research allows them to identify the best ways to engage young people and drive fresh thinking in music education. It also provide a growing online community for thousands of music education professionals.

Many young people still need their help. Join in the mission to give every child the chance to make music.

Run Ealing Half Marathon and raise funds for Alice’s Youth Music Memorial Fund by signing up for the race now.

You can get family and friends to sponsor you by downloading a sponsorship form or setting up a donation page such as JustGiving or selecting Youth Music as the charity of choice (all sponsorship will be attributed to Alice’s Youth Music Memorial fund accordingly).