JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity

We are the world’s leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research. Internationally JDRF have dedicated over £1.5 billion to research projects across the globe, to improve the lives of people living with the condition until we find the cure. There has been more progress in type 1 diabetes research in the past five years than in the previous 50 years. We are at the forefront of this research funding over 500 active projects across the world.

We work with academia, industry and governments to make sure that the research we fund has the greatest possible impact on the lives of people with type 1 now and in the future. We work in Westminster and with other governments to win people greater access to newer type 1 diabetes technology, like insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. We also provide a variety of support information and educational materials to those who live with the condition and their families.

How can we help you?

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you or your loved one have been living with type 1 diabetes for a while, we’re here to give you information and support to effectively manage your condition, without changing your lifestyle.

Join the worldwide army of people who are making it their personal mission to cure type 1 diabetes. Sign up to Ealing Half Marathon to fund-raise for us.

Run the Ealing Half Marathon for JDRF, contact us on 020 7713 2030 or email info@jdrf.org.uk for more information on how to run and raise funds for us.