First timer takes on the Ealing Half Marathon Virtual Challenges 2020

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This year sees the Ealing Half Marathon convert to a virtual experience, this allows so many take on the half for the first time.
Opening it up to runners all over the world, participants are able to complete thee 13.1 mile (21k) distance anywhere and do it in stages. The distance can be completed in one go or bit by bit between Saturday 19th September to midnight on the day that would have been the Ealing Half Marathon, Sunday 27th September 2020.
Because the distance can be done bit by bit, lots of new runners are getting the chance to take part. You can walk, jog or run the distance, just get out and get moving!!
We’ve been speaking to first timer, Carl Hutton on his reasons for making Ealing Half Marathon 13.1 Distance Challenge his first half marathon.

Why did you choose Ealing Half 13.1 Distance Challenge as your first half marathon? 

– I have increased my fitness regime this year and wanted to push myself to do more. I have lived in Ealing for 8 years and have seen the runners each year going through Hanwell and West Ealing, so thought that would be a good first half marathon. Ealing is my home, I know the streets and parks and running here is familiar to me. I wouldn’t want to do my first half marathon anywhere else.

Are you doing it in one go or breaking it down over a few days?   

– I will be pushing myself to do it in one go. I have been running longer distances at a slightly reduced pace to build myself up to doing 13.1 miles / 21km.

How did you find out about it? 

– I went to the website looking to sign up for Ealing Half Marathon 2021 to give me a target to aim for and to encourage me to continue running throughout winter and into next year. That was how I found out about the Ealing Half & Queen of the Suburbs 2020 challenges that had been set up to replace this year’s half marathon.

Where will you be doing it? 

– In Ealing, I will be starting in Lammas Park, running up through Walpole and along Ealing Common, then down through Gunnersbury Park, back along Northfield Avenue through West Ealing to Pitshanger Park, then through Hanwell, down Boston Manor Road and finishing up in Lammas Park.

What is your running history?

– I hit 35 last year and realised my fitness levels were nowhere near where they used to be. I would get out of breath from a steep flight of stairs, would shun the short 5km commute to work by bike in favour of the bus, and my mid-section was noticeably increasing. I started cycling more in the summer of 2019 to try and get my fitness levels up and lose weight. When winter came I started going to the gym where I would do 15 minutes running on the treadmill. I made it a regular part of my routine and when spring came I started running outdoors in Lammas and Walpole parks. When we went into lockdown I increased my running and cycling. I would run before work, at first just a lap around Lammas, then cycle to work. I would go on longer bike rides after work to build up my stamina. I slowly increased the distance I would run and cycle. I am now running 5km distance as a standard around Lammas or Walpole park 2-3 times a week. In June I pushed myself to run 10km zig-zagging across and around Walpole Park. The next few 10km I did was a route through Lammas and Walpole parks, on through Ealing Common and Gunnersbury Park. September has seen a further increase in my running as I tackle the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ challenge. Heading into winter I want to maintain my fitness levels and regime and am aiming to continue to run outside rather than at the gym.

Did lockdown make you run more or less? 

– Lockdown has increased my running as there are fewer opportunities for other social interactions after work. I have not felt this good in years. I have continued working throughout the pandemic and heading out for a run before/after work makes me feel great.

What do you love most about running? 

– I listen to music whilst I run which helps me zone out and lets my brain process the day. Running throughout Ealing has been great, it is a very leafy beautiful borough with plenty of places to head out for a run.

If you could run anywhere with anyone, where would it be and who would it be with? 

– I would love to run in The Great North Run in Newcastle, it is where I am from and as children we would go to cheer on the runners. It ends in South Shields so you would go to the fair afterwards or along the beach. I would be happy to run with either my partner Simon or my brother Anthony. Running the first mile across the Tyne Bridge would be a real buzz.

Carl Hutton taking part in our Queen of the Suburbs Challenge 2020

Good luck to Carl as he takes on the challenge and you can join in too.

To take part you just need to complete 13.1 miles between the 19th September and 27th September.
  • This challenge can be done ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD
  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL IN ONE GO, you can do a bit each day until you reach the total mileage

Walk, jog or run a total of 13.1 miles over the week and you’ll receive a bespoke 13.1 medal!!

Book your place now at

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Ealing Half Marathon Virtual 2020

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We’re back. And this time it’s virtual…

We have TWO virtual challenges for you to take part in this September and they are open to everyone, whether you signed up to run Ealing Half Marathon this year or not.

Queen of the Suburbs Challenge – run, jog or walk in 13 designated Ealing parks. You have the whole of September to complete the challenge. On completion, you’ll receive our Queen of the Suburbs medal. Map available to download here.

13.1 Challenge – this challenge can be done anywhere in the world! If you run, jog or walk 13.1 miles between Monday 21 and Sunday 27 September 2020 you’ll receive our 13.1 Challenge medal.

Each challenge includes your medal in the cost which is £12.50 plus a processing fee of 66p. Or take on BOTH challenges for £22 plus a processing fee of £1.16 and receive both medals that fit together to form a cool ‘double medal’.


Share pictures and news of your Ealing Half Marathon 2020 adventure on social media for a chance to win one of weekly prizes from our sponsors such as The ForesterUp & RunningEaling Fitness Clinic with more to be added. The more you share, the greater chance you have of winning! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EalingFeeling and #EalingHalf2020

LIMITED EDITION T SHIRTS AND HOODIE’s available to add to your basket or purchase at a later date. Look great and support our not-for-profit mission by purchasing our Ealing Half Marathon 2020 t-shirts and hoodies.



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Ealing Half Marathon & Ealing Mini Mile – UPDATE

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It is with great sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of our 2020 races, which were due to take place on Saturday, 26th September and Sunday 27th September 2020.

We are sure that this doesn’t come as a surprise to you, and we hope that you understand and support our decision to not go ahead with this year’s event. The safety of runners, staff, volunteers and our community is our primary priority, and due to the ongoing and unpredictable situation in regards to COVID-19 we have decided that there is no other option but to make this decision.

Ealing Half Marathon is a true community race, organised by EHM Legacy CIC for the benefit of the community and with any surplus ploughed back into local community projects.

Ealing Half Marathon entries:

All Ealing Half Marathon entries will be automatically transferred to the 2021 event, which takes place on Sunday 26th September, 2021.  Registered runners have been contacted by email with further details about this. If you have not received an email, please contact and we will be happy to help.

Ealing Mini Mile entries:

We are offering refunds for Ealing Mini Mile entries, but we would like to ask everyone to consider donating the Mini Mile entry fees to EHM Legacy CIC and help us to continue investing in sport and fitness for all in our community. Anyone wanting to request a Mini Mile refund should email by July 13th 2020. Please bear with us as this process may take some time.

Set up as a legacy to London’s Olympic Games, Ealing Half Marathon and Ealing Mini Mile  are firm fixtures in the autumn race calendar for many and our 9th anniversary race will take place on Sunday 26th September 2021 with the Mini Mile races taking place on Saturday, 25th September 2021.

Thank you for your ongoing support, keep safe, and we will see you in 2021.

The Ealing Half Marathon team

Share the #EalingFeeling

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Share in the #EalingFeeling this September

Cheering supporters at the Ealing Half Marathon

Cheering supporters at the Ealing Half Marathon

These are very uncertain times and we hope you are keeping safe and well. Along with the rest of the country, we are monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely. We take the health and safety of everyone involved at any of our events extremely seriously.

An independent race for the community

With lots of races having to postpone to near our event then Ealing Half Marathon 2020 could be the perfect race for an autumn training plan. If you haven’t already chosen our race, please consider and share with other runners our not-for-profit event 💚 There are going to be a lot of choices so we’d really appreciate your support.

Our fully road closed half marathon has a personal touch. Organised by local people and for the benefit of the community we bring you a large scale professional race with runners, volunteers and community at the heart of it.

Please help us by spreading the word about Ealing Half Marathon with your running community to others who may be looking for a race that gives back.

Cheering supporters at the Ealing Half Marathon

Spectators at the Ealing Half Marathon

Choose the half with a heart this September and a huge thank you to those who have been booking places. We look forward to bringing you the best event we’ve ever had! Along with our amazing 700 volunteers and our runners, we’ll celebrate the community like never before. The spirit of the #EalingFeeling will be stronger than ever.

Stay sensible and safe in the meantime 💚

Thank you so much for all your support.

Just 24 hours left to vote for our events

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We thought we had more time but it turns out we have just 24 hours left to get your vote. We would love to have your support at The Running Awards 2020. Voting closes tomorrow FRIDAY 13th MARCH!! 😱

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Thank you to everyone for your continued support for our events 💚

Vote for Ealing Half Marathon

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Cardinal Vaughan wins Ealing Half Marathon Schools Challenge

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Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School has won the Ealing Half Marathon 2019 Schools Challenge.


Schools Challenge 2019

The school entered a team into Ealing Half Marathon in order to help raise funds for the Vaughan Foundation. This is the school’s charitable arm and the funds will allow pupils to compete in extra-curricular sport, specifically it will provide pupils with funds to ensure they can participate in extra-curricular tours, e.g. Italy Rugby Tour 2020 and to provide an extra sporting opportunity for the wider school community.

Cardinal Vaughan’s team was comprised of teachers, parents and pupils. It was the first Half Marathon for the majority of the team and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The team trained together weekly and in fact, their running club has increased in attendance since the Half Marathon, with training runs on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes.

The Schools Challenge encourages schools in the local area to enter their own teams into the Ealing Half Marathon in order to raise money for their individual school. The school was presented with a cheque for £250 to recognise their efforts and achievement.

As well as raising vital funds for school projects, taking part in a big sporting event such as the Ealing Half Marathon is a fantastic way to boost fitness and inspire younger generations to keep active.

The Ealing Half Marathon team, and its community arm Ealing Half Marathon Legacy, carries out a lot of work within schools too – encouraging pupils to stay active and to participate in sport, linking into Ealing Council’s Get Moving campaign.

Thousands of pupils have listened to talks by the team at schools around the borough – and many have been inspired to get involved in running, through taking part in junior ‘parkrun’ events, joining the junior section of Ealing Eagles running club, or running in the annual Mini Mile at the half marathon. Participation in the Mini Mile has more than tripled since the talks started being held.

A few primary schools have even set up running clubs themselves with the help of the half marathon team.

Race Director Sandra Courtney commented, “We would like to congratulate Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School for winning the 2019 Ealing Half Marathon Schools Challenge. They put in an incredible effort to train and fundraise for the event and have been rewarded with a fantastic cheque which they can put towards a variety of projects and activities at the school”.

Mr Brett, Head of First Form, Geography, Physical Education at CVMS added:

“The success of Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School has always been as a result of the close link between parents, pupils and staff and this was, once again, evident through the wonderful success of the Ealing Half Marathon. I hope this effort from the participants has inspired the whole Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School community to continue to access a healthy and active lifestyle. Once again, we are very grateful to those who have donated and therefore supported the participants of this event”.

The 2020 Ealing Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 27th September and entries are available, costing £38 to £50. The sooner you sign up, the more you save.

Go to for further race info. You can also like the Facebook page and follow @EalingHalf #EalingFeeling on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news about the Ealing Half Marathon

Bring your squad to Ealing Half Marathon and save

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#SquadGoals at the Ealing Half Marathon 2020 with your work colleagues, friends or family!

Add more than 4 people on one registration and the discounts start to kick in. The more people you register in one go, the bigger the discount applied on check out! 8 or more people activates the next saving tier, 12 for the next and 16 to reach the maximum discount.

Here’s a simple way to set up your team, CLICK HERE. Or create a team after you’ve already registered HERE.


Company entry? – Show this to your boss and they might be nice enough to use the prepay option for your team places 

You can download a poster to put up and find your team HERE.

#EalingFeeling #EalingHalf

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Your Opportunity to Partner with the Ealing Half Marathon 2020

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Get your company involved in 2020.

West London is the proud host of the Ealing Half Marathon, voted the UK’s Best Half Marathon three years in a row.

As an official not-for-profit Community Interest Company, EHM Legacy CICs aim is more than just to host a mass participation event but to also raise a surplus which is ploughed back into community projects. This is our 9th year and we are proud to say we are not like other races.

We are much more than one race once a year, we are here all year round. In our commitment to providing sport and fitness for all, we engage in year-round community activities wherever we can.

For any company with a wide reaching active community campaign and corporate & social responsibility targets, Ealing Half Marathon is the perfect solution.

For companies who want to reach the community through a powerful message such as health and wellbeing, you can’t make a better choice than Ealing Half Marathon. Contact us now to find out how to become a partner for 2020.

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