First timer takes on the Ealing Half Marathon Virtual Challenges 2020

By 15th September 2020News
This year sees the Ealing Half Marathon convert to a virtual experience, this allows so many take on the half for the first time.
Opening it up to runners all over the world, participants are able to complete thee 13.1 mile (21k) distance anywhere and do it in stages. The distance can be completed in one go or bit by bit between Saturday 19th September to midnight on the day that would have been the Ealing Half Marathon, Sunday 27th September 2020.
Because the distance can be done bit by bit, lots of new runners are getting the chance to take part. You can walk, jog or run the distance, just get out and get moving!!
We’ve been speaking to first timer, Carl Hutton on his reasons for making Ealing Half Marathon 13.1 Distance Challenge his first half marathon.

Why did you choose Ealing Half 13.1 Distance Challenge as your first half marathon? 

– I have increased my fitness regime this year and wanted to push myself to do more. I have lived in Ealing for 8 years and have seen the runners each year going through Hanwell and West Ealing, so thought that would be a good first half marathon. Ealing is my home, I know the streets and parks and running here is familiar to me. I wouldn’t want to do my first half marathon anywhere else.

Are you doing it in one go or breaking it down over a few days?   

– I will be pushing myself to do it in one go. I have been running longer distances at a slightly reduced pace to build myself up to doing 13.1 miles / 21km.

How did you find out about it? 

– I went to the website looking to sign up for Ealing Half Marathon 2021 to give me a target to aim for and to encourage me to continue running throughout winter and into next year. That was how I found out about the Ealing Half & Queen of the Suburbs 2020 challenges that had been set up to replace this year’s half marathon.

Where will you be doing it? 

– In Ealing, I will be starting in Lammas Park, running up through Walpole and along Ealing Common, then down through Gunnersbury Park, back along Northfield Avenue through West Ealing to Pitshanger Park, then through Hanwell, down Boston Manor Road and finishing up in Lammas Park.

What is your running history?

– I hit 35 last year and realised my fitness levels were nowhere near where they used to be. I would get out of breath from a steep flight of stairs, would shun the short 5km commute to work by bike in favour of the bus, and my mid-section was noticeably increasing. I started cycling more in the summer of 2019 to try and get my fitness levels up and lose weight. When winter came I started going to the gym where I would do 15 minutes running on the treadmill. I made it a regular part of my routine and when spring came I started running outdoors in Lammas and Walpole parks. When we went into lockdown I increased my running and cycling. I would run before work, at first just a lap around Lammas, then cycle to work. I would go on longer bike rides after work to build up my stamina. I slowly increased the distance I would run and cycle. I am now running 5km distance as a standard around Lammas or Walpole park 2-3 times a week. In June I pushed myself to run 10km zig-zagging across and around Walpole Park. The next few 10km I did was a route through Lammas and Walpole parks, on through Ealing Common and Gunnersbury Park. September has seen a further increase in my running as I tackle the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ challenge. Heading into winter I want to maintain my fitness levels and regime and am aiming to continue to run outside rather than at the gym.

Did lockdown make you run more or less? 

– Lockdown has increased my running as there are fewer opportunities for other social interactions after work. I have not felt this good in years. I have continued working throughout the pandemic and heading out for a run before/after work makes me feel great.

What do you love most about running? 

– I listen to music whilst I run which helps me zone out and lets my brain process the day. Running throughout Ealing has been great, it is a very leafy beautiful borough with plenty of places to head out for a run.

If you could run anywhere with anyone, where would it be and who would it be with? 

– I would love to run in The Great North Run in Newcastle, it is where I am from and as children we would go to cheer on the runners. It ends in South Shields so you would go to the fair afterwards or along the beach. I would be happy to run with either my partner Simon or my brother Anthony. Running the first mile across the Tyne Bridge would be a real buzz.

Carl Hutton taking part in our Queen of the Suburbs Challenge 2020

Good luck to Carl as he takes on the challenge and you can join in too.

To take part you just need to complete 13.1 miles between the 19th September and 27th September.
  • This challenge can be done ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD
  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL IN ONE GO, you can do a bit each day until you reach the total mileage

Walk, jog or run a total of 13.1 miles over the week and you’ll receive a bespoke 13.1 medal!!

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