Getting ready for the #EalingFeeling

By 28th June 2019News

** Resident Information**

We are always so grateful for all the support and assistance that the residents of the Borough of Ealing give to us on Ealing Half Marathon weekend 💚

In preparation for the big #EalingFeeling weekend in 3 months time (Sunday 29th September 2019), we have all the details of road closures ready for you. Information is available on our website now to allow plenty of time for planning:

Photo courtesy of Angela Donnithorne Photography

We will work with you on the day to allow for safe access and egress up to the course closures. Please bear in mind that no vehicle movement is possible once the race starts. If you have an appointment, a taxi booking, an event to get to, visitors planned, vehicles will need to be parked off the course or have no direct access if you are on the route after a certain point early in the morning.

Share this with those you know who may need it, new neighbours who are unfamiliar with the event, church congregations, those with regular medical visits or meals on wheels deliveries etc and we look forward to another safe and spectacular Ealing Half Marathon that the borough can be proud of!

We contact all medical services and food delivery agencies ourselves but we find each year this doesn’t always reach those on the ground so any help to make sure more people know is always appreciated.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about travel and access on that weekend and we will be happy to help.

Thank you once again for all your patience and understanding.

Sandra & Christina
Ealing Half Marathon